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Access a suite of tools specifically designed to establish useful business relationships and increase sales.

Respond to customer requests

After listing your products, you will start receiving requests from potential buyers.

As a true B2B platform, allows you to get in contact with your customers, exchange messaging and negotiate prices.

Responding to requests within four hours results in 30% more follow-up responses from potential buyers, so the seller workbench My Alibaba and the mobile app AliSupplier are available to ensure that you are notified when requests arrive.

Publish requests for quotation (RFQ).

Proactively search for buyers interested in your products and give a boost to your sales.

Access the RFQ section

Visit the section dedicated to RFQ, available for all sellers.

Identify the request

Identify the most relevant buyer request for your business

Respond to requests

Respond to requests with a detailed quote that demonstrates your ability to meet the requester’s needs.

Benefits of Quotation Requests

Requests for quotations not only help sellers achieve more sales in shorter periods of time, but also open doors to other areas of business.

Activate Keyword Advertising campaigns.

The smart way to advertise and maximize exposure on

We offer multiple touchpoints to reach buyers along their purchasing journey through keyword advertising. Strategically focus on selected keywords to increase qualified traffic and drive sales.

Better product positioning

Improve product visibility with higher search rankings.

Find your buyers quickly.

Use big data to identify the right market and buyers for your products.

Measurable results

Optimize the campaign based on the data obtained from the reports.


Pay only if a buyer clicks on your product advertisement.

Various types of campaigns based on your needs.

Smart Marketing

A simple and intelligent tool to advertise your products.

Smart operation

Minimal initial effort and intuitive operation

Intelligent Product Evaluation

Products recommended by the system for the campaign.

Smart offer

Allocation of a flexible daily budget and real-time adjustment of bids.

Intelligent Traffic

Automatically filter high-converting traffic.

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Custom campaigns

Manual marketing tool to improve your traffic for specific audiences and regions.

Increase in exposure.

Increased exposure for selected high-converting products.

Premium bidding

Premium bidding allows you to obtain traffic even from unselected targets and regions with a minimum bidding price.


Using trending keywords to increase traffic

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Reach potential buyers with the multi-channel Sponsored Brands campaign!

Sponsored Brands is the latest addition to the various advertising solutions offered by You can access premium placements and expand your visibility to a larger number of new B2B potential buyers not only on, but also on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

The benefits of Sponsored Brands campaign

Maximize exposure and create a strong brand image!

High customization

Access premium placements, innovative and engaging creatives to attract the attention of your buyers and therefore new business opportunities.


With Sponsored Brands, we target your creatives to premium buyers on

Simplified management of advertising campaigns across multiple channels.

With Sponsored Brands, you can reach not only buyers, but also potential new B2B customers who are interested in your products on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Minimal effort, maximum return!

Reports and Results

Monitor your results with simple and intuitive reports that will help you constantly improve and optimize your performance.

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