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Verified Supplier is a level of membership on for high-quality suppliers. We offer suppliers on-site verification services by a third-party inspection company, so your customers can trust your brand and products.

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What is Verified Supplier?

Verified Supplier is the highest level of membership on, providing sellers with a business verification service conducted by an independent and professional certifying entity.

The Verified Supplier is identified on the platform through the “Verified” tag, visible to buyers in search results, product pages, and the company profile.

The Verified Supplier enjoys exclusive benefits such as videos of the company inspection, a showcase with a greater number of products, an exclusive online store, priority access to promotional events, and greater exposure in organic search.

Gain the trust of buyers with Verified Supplier.

Buyers prefer to do business with suppliers who possess business verification certifications issued by independent inspection companies, worldwide leaders such as SGS and TUV Rheinland.

SGS entity verification

The world’s leading company for inspection, verification, analysis, and certification services. Recognized as a standard of quality and integrity, with 96,000 employees and 2,600 offices and laboratories worldwide.

TUV Rheinland Verification

TÜV Rheinland is synonymous with safety and quality in almost every business sector. Founded over 150 years ago, the company is one of the world’s leading providers of analysis, inspection, and certification services with over 20,870 employees and 241 laboratories in 56 countries.

Exclusive tag for greater visibility

Inserted in your online store, it certifies that the production capabilities, skills, quality control, and commercial capabilities have been inspected by a third-party entity, reassuring buyers.

Detailed evaluation reports available for free download

A comprehensive inspection report conducted by a globally renowned certification body. The report is visible and downloadable for buyers, promoting the establishment of a trusted business relationship that leads to increased sales.

Video of the visible inspection on the platform

You can upload the video and photos of the inspection to your online store. These materials are verified and released by a third-party entity. It will help you showcase your business capabilities, making you reliable and trustworthy in the eyes of buyers and saving time for both parties.

The benefits of Verified Supplier

Purchase the Verified Supplier membership and exponentially increase your business opportunities.

Success Stories

Gold Supplier VS. Verified Supplier

GGS Basic
Basic Package
GGS Plus
Premium Package
Verified Supplier badge
Business verification
Verifica aziendale
On-site company inspection 1
On-site company inspection 1
SGS/TUV Evaluation Report
Video of the Verified Supplier
Certifications verified
Verified skills
Product List
Featured Products
5 or 10
Increase in traffic 2
6 months
Buyer identification 3
Responses to RFQ
RFQ Greenpass
Priority quotes for RFQs
Shown in specific sections and promotions
Searchable in the "Manufacturers" section
Displayed in the "Companies from around the world" section
Priority registration for promotional events
Analysis tools
General performance data
Product consulting
Analysis of visits
Market analysis
Keyword Analysis
Possibility to assign sub-accounts
Customer Service
Service for the platform access phase
VIP Customer Service 4

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